Hosting Plans
Our commitment is your domain hosting reseller success. That's why we offer only the top of the line servers using the highest quality components: Dual/Quad-Core Xeon processors, blazing fast memory and huge disks with SATA II and RAID 10 for the ultimate redundancy. 24 X 7 X 365 support means you'll never be without help. After all, cheapest reseller hosting doesn't mean you should sacrifice service.
If your site demands peak uptime you will love our failover cpanel hosting. Our technology couples servers together and syncs all data, databases, emails and everything you need for your site and services to keep working. In the event of a hardware failure the other servers respond in real time to deliver your sites until the hardware can be replaced. This means 100% extreme uptime and no more worries about hardware. With our failover hosting technology that means no more lost opportunity costs due to missed visitors as a result of downtime. Get more, pay less and experience the difference!
  • Technology Network and Datacenter
  • Server Specifications
  • Virtualization Technology
Our servers offer multiple locations throughout the globe. We have datacenters located in Houston,
Dallas, Chicago, New Jersey, Atlanta, and the UK.
We strive to provide the most reliable network by utilizing the best equipment consisting of Cisco with gigabit connections. Our networks utilize Avaya Route Science route optimizer to ensure the highest performance routing to your VPS versus normal BGP.
While normal BGP simply looks at how many hops from internet user to your VPS, the route science system traces back to the internet user up to 7,000 times a minute identifying any problematic areas such as speed, packetloss, amount of hops than re-routing the connection to ensure the fastest possible route to your VPS.